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And now for something completely different.

In honor of Death in Blackpool being released the other day, I drew a little comic.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "But Denise, when you started drawing this you weren't thinking of DiB at all! In fact, you've been trying to not think about it at all, because you, much like the man you so enjoy roleplaying, tend to try to ignore things that make you sad!" Well, yes, you'd be correct. But I needed something that sounded cool in order to post it up here. Because I felt like it. STFU, it's my pup's journal, I'll upload whatever I want, whenever I want. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to use this icon.

Also, no, it doesn't have anything to do with spoilers for Death in Blackpool. In fact, the only thing it could possibly be spoilers for would be Orbis, I suppose.



(Continued from this event.)

By the time he had finished discussing Charley with the Master, all hell had broken loose.  He wandered around the (somewhat panicking) crowd for a while, frantically searching for Ianto, to make certain he was okay.  He told himself that dealing with Charley could wait; if what he'd been told about her spending stupidly large amounts of time with Zagreus were true... well, she'd held her own against him before, the Doctor had to make certain that his current companion was safe.

After a few hours though, and still no sign of Ianto, the Doctor comes to the conclusion that he wasn't there at all.  If it was that he had been hurt, the Doctor would have found him by now.  No, Ianto was simply gone.

He sits down on the ground, leaning against the TARDIS doors.  His eyes are still scanning the area where the crowd had once been, now empty save for a very small number of stragglers.  Ianto, he notices, is not among them.  And why should he be?  The time-lock was broken, he could go home now.  He probably wanted to go home.  After all, it wasn't as though he had started traveling with the Doctor of his own will.  Circumstances as they had been, the Doctor more or less had kidnapped him.  What was he, 400 years old again?  Everybody leaves in the end.  It only made sense that Ianto would make a break for it the moment he had the opportunity.  On the bright side, he hadn't had to give any awkward farewells this time.  He was so terrible at good-bye.

Still though, it might've been nice.

The Doctor sighs and leans his head back against the ship, closing his eyes.

lol whut.



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"I know just the place."

In some crazy, twisted way, there had to be humour in this.  Somewhere, deep down, the Doctor was sure of it, there had to be someone who would find this all sort of hilarious.  The sheer irony of it all, that Koschei was going to travel with the Doctor centuries before he would all but beg to go, and the Doctor was going to travel with Koschei centuries after he had constantly turned the Master down for that same thing... if it were happening to anybody else the Doctor would likely point it out with an amused grin and think himself quite clever for having realized it.

It's not, however, happening to anybody else, so the Doctor decides against pointing anything out.  Instead, he leads Koschei through the neverending maze that is the Multiverse back to his TARDIS.  Smiling -- because it always is comforting the few occasions when he gets to wander back into the old blue box without having just escaped from some world-ending catastrophe or the like -- he fishes the key out of a pocket and opens the door.

"After you," he says as he steps aside to allow Koschei in.